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what is thesis all about?

The researcher discusses the effects of smartphones in terms of physical and mental health. Addiction referred in this paper is not an addiction to the device itself, but rather an addiction on what it is capable of doing. In example, smartphones offer gaming applications, networking, and social media, wherein people tend to be highly dependent and inseparable to it.The paper studies the negative effects of smartphone addiction and accurately solve for possible treatment to smartphone addiction through the development of a website.

What are the possible side effect of smartphone addiction?

The possible side effects of smartphone addiction are the following: back problems, anxiety, depression, stress, weight management and fitness levels, disrupted sleep, attention span, social effects, poor eyesight, and damaged hearing. According to a study released by Nielsen Philippines,Filipinos who own smartphones use it as their main access point to the internet. Furthermore, Filipino users spend an average of 174 minutes each day online or nearly three hours through their smartphones. In addition, the international media and consumer research firm revealed that three out of four Filipino users' digital lives revolve mainly around entertainment, which takes up an average of 78 minutes per day among local users. It shows that the use of smartphone apps, either tech shorthand for applications or task-specific programs took up an average of 56 minutes a day. On the other hand, communication tasks on the smartphone consumed an average of 40 minutes a day.